Articulated Characters

With our experience, we can create realistic and highly articulated characters.

Al of our characters are done with FK and Ik Rigging. We can even make them to have both.

We use the best techniques to create very life like and believable characters that are easy to animate.

Our characters are also tested to perform to the best of their abilities.

So ther is no worry for having to edit and tweak weight paints or rigs on your own.

Expressive and Agile

We apply our spectacular rigging and design to stylized characters as well.

The stylized characters we create are versatile in what they can look like.

You design it, we can make it.

These Characters allow for more squash and stretch when it comes to


As for all of our characters, both types come withshape keys that allow for

easy facial expressions and lip sync.




Our characters have been used in many forms of media. From short films, music videos, and printed media.


We’ve created characters for Game Designers, Doctors, Web Developers, Educators, and hobbiest. Each one differing in style and application.


From the concept to the creation, animation, production, and post-production we are ready to bring your visual strategy, game, story or product to the real world.

Contact us today; soon you will see your ideas materialize.